say what? (Epistemology) (The atheist delusion)

by romansh ⌂ @, Tuesday, February 07, 2012, 02:16 (2806 days ago) @ xeno6696

I would agree that there is a difference between disbelieving and not believing. And disbelieving has an element of faith; in the same sense believing in a negative statement. eg there are no pixies under my garden shed.

While in practice or pragmatically I might disbelieve in pixies under my garden shed, philosophically speaking I just don't believe in those pixies. Just simply because there is no evidence for the said pixies, other than some Victorian tales.

This is a general comment and not aimed particularly at anyone's post in particular.

No, but its directly pertinent to the discussion we were having.

I'm not sure to which part you are saying No to Matt.

It can't be to all of it, while you may disagree with my opinion, you would need magical powers to deduce that I don't have my opinion.


Thanks for dropping in again!!!

Yeah - just keeping you guys on the straight and narrow
So to speak

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