Batteries Not Included (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, June 29, 2020, 16:08 (393 days ago) @ dhw

Tony: We know so little about life. That's why we never cease to be surprised.

David:Evolution is full of surprises

Tony: The theory of evolution is full of holes, not surprises, hence why I said life

DAVID: Take a look at Talbott's thoughts III from yesterday to which dhw responded. We're not supposed to question how we got here, just accept that life is a marvelous functioning system and is no more than 'just is'. Origin is not to be questioned. It's still chance or design, nothing more. Scientists look at a history of mutations and tell us we now know how evolution works for this change. No they don't. They only know how it works, not why.

dhw: Accepting the miracle of life does not stop anyone from questioning its origins, even though we can never know the answer. You have accidentally contradicted yourself at the end. In fact, though, they don’t know how it works and they don’t know why it works. Nobody does.

Thank you. The 'how' it works is not complete. We know DNA change can drive changes but the mechanism is not known.

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