How our brains create time (Humans)

by David Turell @, Friday, July 05, 2019, 14:37 (448 days ago) @ Balance_Maintained

David: Comment: our brain learns from our surrounding reality in advance of our understanding what we see and experience, and is demonstrated to fill in bits and pieces, which is part of the argument against free will. I think you are completely correct. Our brain adapts to a smaller environment and shrinks time perception as an adaptation.

Tony: Which makes me wonder about how we measure speeds that are on scales smaller than our own. I mean, our universe, even our planet is REALLY whizzing along through space, and our perception, because we exist on a smaller scales, comprehends the time in accordance with our comprehension of the scale relative to ourselves. Basically, its bigger so it appears to be moving far slower, while atoms appear to be moving far faster.

Perhaps it is tied to visual framerate. If you can, imagine your brain as a camera set to take a snapshot roughly 60 times a second. Then imagine it has to string those images together constantly, in real time, in order for you to move and act in the world at the scale which we exist. The brain does this constantly, analyzing each frame and using predictive algorithms and complex target identification (that we have no clue how to replicate yet) to enable to you respond, at times with 'cat like reflexes'. This is your 'Awake' mode where you are alert and aware of your environment.

Now, imagine are you are focused intently on something small, reading, writing, tying a fishhook, your brain has to optimize. One by one it will shut down every unnecessary system until the task itself will become something akin to another reality. However, in doing so the time frame of the real world, and our awareness of it, disappears.

The most interesting thing of this though, is that it means the start of time COINCIDED with, or was the product of, an awareness that makes the passage of time possible.

Which raises the issue: if space-time is real and we know the concept works, was time present before humans with brains appeared? Or does that mean God's mind m ust become a necessary part of space-time's existence?

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