Reasons why ID must be considered (Introduction)

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reblak" The very simplest form of life as yet eludes us, leaving only speculation. Nonetheless, it is possible that all life has developed from it. Assuming this to be so, that lifeform further developed when some member/s automatically accepted an additional atom or atoms.

You sound like an agnostic to me, certainly not atheist. Biochemistry does not deal in atoms as additions. Organic biochemistry is highly complex as compared to inorganic chemistry (your H20 example). The origins of life is not solved or even beginning to be understood after 60 years of active research. Living protein molecules are strings of 100 or more amino acids, with definite sequences and foldings in order to function. This requires polymerization enzymes which are giant molecules to facilitate the process which would take centuries of time without them. When these millions of molecules are put together in a cell and work in coordinated fashion, life appears. To further complicate matters all proteins as 3-D molecules are either right or left handed. All 20 essential amino acids, the building blocks of life are left handed and DNA is right handed. If one makes these molecules without controls, one gets 50/50 right and left as a result, but life doesn't accept this.

Further, life started about 3.8 billion years ago on a planet that was inorganic to begin with. Where did the left handed amino acids come from? Current meteorite analysis has found only eight of them. The Miller-Urey experiment of 1957-8(?) of lightning in a bottle of guessed at atmospheric conditions 3+ billion years ago produced some simple organic molecules and offered hope, which has since withered.

reblak: On 7th July 2007, ten full years ago, I sent the main body of my idea (in a pages long essay) to The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. Mrs Jill Abury (Sec) added the title as ‘The Genesis of Evolution’. Sadly, for me, it was rejected.

Based on what you have stated I think I understand why your essay was rejected.

reblack: I should, I think, make the point that are no physical laws plural. Physical law is a totality, the so-called laws are simply shades of its intrinsic all-embracing nature. I would be happy to discuss any views I post, via .

I think we would prefer to discuss ideas here on the website where everyone can follow. I hope you agree and will continue a discussion with us. May I refer to you as John?

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