The Starchild Skull (Humans)

by BBella @, Sunday, January 27, 2013, 21:59 (2450 days ago) @ David Turell

David, I stumbled upon this site this evening about a 900 year old skull that was discovered and placed in this man, Lloyd Pye's, care to figure out it's origins. Have you heard anything about this before and what do you think about the findings in this particular article?

BBella, you are havng lots of fun looking at the paranormal. I've read the website with lots of good science and multiple ifs, ands and buts of conjecture. The skull looks to me ike a hydrocephalic child, and Wiki article confirms:

Yes, David, I already read the Wikipedia information (disinformation?) and their findings first (as well as some debunkers info) before I read the article and after, as he had mentioned in another article that Wiki and other scientists had opposing info which he considered completely unfounded (and purposely misleading of course) and he suggested it be read as well. But I do not take either info as fact as I do not know the truth (as you do). So was hoping you would take just the articles lastest info (2012) that I sent on the skull and comment on that info alone and "it's" findings. Of course, it's of no surprise that you would take the opposing views and give it's info as facts as whatever agrees with your belief is automatically fact from your perspective (as is true for many of us). But I was hoping, in light of our recent convo, about what alien DNA might look like, in which you said alien DNA would be no different than ours (which I consider possibly true) that you would actually read this article and give your thoughts on "it's" claim about the recent testing on the skull - which I will post below. And yes, I know there is more testing to be done and you can rest knowing I won't be sending money to LP. Did you actually read the article?

"What is unusual [about the skull] is that there are segments of many other fragments of the Starchild's nuDNA for which no close matches could be found in the NIH database!.... In addition to having a "stop" codon in its last quarter, the Starchild fragment is also missing the large intron (marked with a vertical green arrow) that normally intervenes in the human gene and in the gene of other species. This suggests that the Starchild fragment could be a pseudogene, dysfunctional ancestors of normal genes that have lost the ability to encode proteins, or are otherwise no longer capable of being expressed in a cell. This means they are nonfunctional, and are therefore another form of junk DNA.

Suggesting the Starchild's FOXP2 fragment might be a pseudogene immediately collides with the fact that there is no currently known human FOXP2 pseudogene. Because it is a master gene, it must always function properly, and if it doesn't function properly in even a small way, very negative things happen to the individual carrying the variation. Thus, since a human FOXP2 pseudogene is not known to exist, if it turned out that the Starchild Skull carried one, that would clearly establish it as not human."

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