C.D.Hentschel (Art)

by xeno6696 @, Sonoran Desert, Thursday, January 26, 2012, 03:06 (4501 days ago) @ dhw

I feel it appropriate to honor Hentschel's memory, by simply offering my own impressions. I have actually stared at that image many, many times while in contemplative moods on the website. (If it would be possible, I would love a high res photo, because indeed, much of it is lost due to the resolution.)-My eye is always drawn first to the maze. I never spent much time looking at the distant "world" but my mind these days makes out what looks to be an embryo--new life. The bright light in the center seems that impermeable distance between the known and unknown--I've always viewed this piece as a dichotomy of sorts between the material and immaterial: the maze represents the thorny difficulty of reaching that world, if only you could bypass the maze and go directly there...-The city scene below, draped with cloth... I've always thought it poignant that it seems to form a mountain with the city underneath it. In many ways it says "you can only ever go this high. The cloth over the city itself, shielding the material from the world above. I never noticed the leaves really before. -As would be predicted, I don't see either world drifting apart or closer to each other, to me they've always seemed in permanent stasis... held hostage by the light in the center-left. -My condolences to the loss of your friend, he's offered much to our conversations, without even needing to be present.

\"Why is it, Master, that ascetics fight with ascetics?\"

\"It is, brahmin, because of attachment to views, adherence to views, fixation on views, addiction to views, obsession with views, holding firmly to views that ascetics fight with ascetics.\"

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