dhw's repeated mantra (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, August 18, 2023, 20:01 (300 days ago)

dhw: "his one and only purpose was to design us and our ecosystems/food supply, and therefore he chose to design 99 out of 100 species and ecosystems/food supplies that had no connection with us."

The current story of the Earth and its balance with the burgeoning human population is precarious:


"Solar photovoltaic deployment is essential to promote renewable energy transition, phase down coal-fired power plants, and achieve the Paris Agreement temperature goals. However, large-scale solar photovoltaic deployment requires a vast amount of land, and a substantial number of solar photovoltaic projects have been built on farmland, threatening food security. Given the ambitious climate pledges of signatory countries to the Paris Agreement, the area of land required to deploy global solar photovoltaics in the coming decades is expected to rise. Governments must act now to mitigate the fierce competition for land between solar energy and crops.

"Solar energy projects have encroached on farmland across the Northern Hemisphere. In 2017 alone, China deployed photovoltaic panels on about 100 km2 of farmlands in the North China Plain, one of China’s most important agricultural regions. Solar photovoltaic panels have also been deployed over deserts, abandoned mines, artificial canals, reservoirs, and rooftops, but these options are less attractive to developers because they are more scarce, more unstable, or more expensive than farmlands.

[Solar mechanisms and alternatives are discussed]

"Until these technologies are cost-effective and scalable, governments should preferentially use unproductive lands for large-scale photovoltaic deployment, prevent installations on finite arable land, and provide stricter enforcement of farmland protection policies. Satellite remote sensing technologies should be used to closely monitor solar photovoltaic panels’ illegal farmland encroachment and quantify their impacts on food production. Illegally deployed solar photovoltaics should be demolished so that farmland can be restored."

Comment: our huge population was foreseen by God who created an enormous diversity of food supply. God was fully purposeful in His actions.

Note this warning:


"'The prediction is the work of population ecologist William Rees from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He argues that we're using up Earth's resources at an unsustainable rate, and that our natural tendencies as humans make it difficult for us to correct this "advanced ecological overshoot".

"The result could be some kind of civilizational collapse that 'corrects' the world's population, Rees says – one that could happen before the end of the century in a worst case scenario. Only the richest and most resilient societies would be left.

"'Homo sapiens has evolved to reproduce exponentially, expand geographically, and consume all available resources," Rees writes in his published paper.


"As Rees points out, as we continue to use an abundance of fossil fuels we're simultaneously ignoring the other symptoms of overshoot too. From our consumption of biomass to the disruption of planetary nutrient cycles, these interlinked problems are all propelling Earth's sixth mass extinction and risking a chaotic break-down of our planet's essential life-support systems.

"What's more, our proposed solutions, such as switching to renewables don't actually address the problem of exponential population growth and in fact further contribute to the excess consumption that goes along with it.


"Another point that Rees makes – and he's not the first to do so – is that we need to be much more aware of the peril that we're in, and should be working out ways to get a better balance between our give-and-take relationship with the planet.

"'In the best of all possible worlds, the whole transition might actually be managed in ways that prevent unnecessary suffering of millions (billions?) of people, but this is not happening – and cannot happen – in a world blind to its own predicament," writes Rees."

Comment: more fuel for my argument, to which dhw is totally blind. "Humans plus their food" is a major evolutionary endpoint.

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