More "miscellany" PART ONE: answer about cancer cells (General)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 20:43 (8 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: It seems you have forgotten cancer cells are not normal living cells, but cells gone wild in uncontrolled growth. They have twisted their lives because their DNA is contaminated with bad mutations.

dhw: It seems you have forgotten your statement that “this is obvious evidence of cellular intelligence in cancer cells”. They are living cells, whose mutations are bad for us, but good for them, and they use their intelligence to pursue their wicked ways. Why must baddies be intelligent and goodies can’t be intelligent? If your God is first cause, where did the baddies’ intelligence come from? If your God is all-powerful, all-knowing and in full control, why did he give them their intelligence, and why can’t he control them?

dhw: Cancer cells are abnormal and do not represent all living cells. They got away from God's controlling instructions, and we can debate how that happens under God's watch.

Read this:

"The scientists' approach directs cells' recycling enzymes to cancer genes' RNA and cuts up key segments to prevent them from doing harm. The tactic worked against the MYC cancer gene, and also two other challenging cancer genes, JUN and MIR155. All three of the cancer genes regulate the transcription of other genes, igniting rapid tumor growth.


Among the most challenging of drug targets, MYC is also one of the most important. Its "activation may affect 70% or more of all human cancers. It can direct many other genes to be built or silenced. It affects cell growth, and even a cell suicide program that leads damaged cells to self-destruct, a vital process called apoptosis. It also affects the repair process of damaged DNA, and the growth of blood vessels. In many cancers MYC is overexpressed, leading cells to grow and divide too rapidly.

"Activation of another cancer gene, JUN, has been seen in more than 20 different cancer types, including glioblastoma, breast, prostate, lung, colorectal cancer and more.

"A small RNA gene called MIR155, meanwhile, drives inflammation and the growth and spread of many cancers. Researchers have found it activated in breast, kidney, gastric and other cancers.

"Efforts to make drugs that prevent the three oncogenes from doing harm have largely failed, due to their complex structural challenges."

Comment: the article then has a long section describing drugs that can specifically damage these oncogenes. God did not make these genes. They appear from accidental changes in DNA, i.e., random accidental mutations. My view is these genes represent specific instructions, not intelligence. It appears as if cancers are intelligent, because of the.

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