The meeting (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, May 05, 2023, 20:15 (299 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: This is simply to report that we did indeed meet on 3 May, nine years and four months after our first meeting, and it was an unforgettable occasion. David, sadly, is now confined to a wheelchair, but his physical condition has done nothing to dampen his spirit, and anyone who has followed our discussions will probably be surprised to hear that there was a great deal of laughter and a cheerful avoidance of nearly all the topics over which we disagree so fiercely on this forum!

My daughter enjoyed the meeting as much as I did, and the fact that she and David's wonderfully thoughtful and attentive wife Susan were there to watch over the two "stubborn old men" enhanced the sheer joy of this reunion – a joy that is diminished only by our awareness that in all probability it will have been our last.

The AgnosticWeb is not, of course, meant to be a vehicle for biography or autobiography, but I would like to think that our meeting and our friendship can be seen as a tiny beacon of light in a world currently enveloped in a wide variety of dark realities. You can disagree on almost every subject under the sun, but you can still join hands in your love of life and laughter, your quest to find answers to unsolved mysteries, and your adherence to the moral code that should be common to all of us, whether we are religious or not, which is to do as you would be done by.

Here endeth the agnostic’s report and sermon.

Sermon accepted. I can only add my complete agreement with dhw's thoughts. Now back to debate and disagreements.

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