More "miscellany" PARTS ONE & TWO (General)

by David Turell @, Saturday, March 18, 2023, 16:47 (10 days ago) @ dhw

A massive extinction in the late Devonian

DAVID: Please absorb: God limited adaptability, because only He created new species. Remember. Fully explains the survival rate so low. Purposeful limited adapability.

dhw: “Please absorb”: a month ago you wrote, “The design failed a necessary adaptation to changes. It is a design fault in a lack of adaptability.” And you called the non-survivors “mistakes”, because they did not lead to his one and only purpose. And each uncontrolled environmental change brought the same process – with his faulty designs resulting in another 99% of mistakes, until luck provided him with the environment (Cambrian) he needed, so he started all over again with our ancestors, who had no predecessors.

I presented God's evolution that way to show its messiness. That was then, this is now. God purposely limited adaptation, because only He could speciate. Move on.

dhw: As the all-powerful creator of all things, you say he was fully aware that he would be forced by his self-imposed lack of control over the environment to make mistake after mistake, in what you have called an “inefficient” and “cumbersome” method of achieving his goal, but in your remarkable new language, mistakes and failures and faults and inefficiency etc. constitute beautiful management.

Exactly: God took a messy system and handled it beautifully. Snowball Earth slowed progress but didn't stop it. Any environmental change easly drsigned for.

Neutrinos still confusing

DAVID: Why do you denigrate new research when it will bring us an understanding of your 'bigness' problem.

dhw: Where have you found me denigrating new research? You said it might help me, but you are the one with a problem, because you have a theory that you are desperate to prove: God had to create trillions of stars and solar systems in order to design us and our food.

DAVID: My desperate approach is simplicity itself: the size is required.

dhw: Just as the 99% of speciation blunders are “required”, and you don’t know why, and we should ask God because you haven’t got a clue why we should believe your theory.

DAVID: My first clue is your full disbelief in God.

dhw: There you go again. I am an agnostic, and all the alternative theories I have proposed allow for your God’s existence.

All of your objections to God might be swept aside to "allow" God to sneak in.

Giraffe plumbing

dhw: Please tell us why you think your God would have designed the long necks of the extinct Mamenchisaurus and the giraffe.

DAVID: The giraffe is part of a cud-chewing ecosystem. God doesn't create anything not required. In dinosaurs weird possibilities popped up. God knows why that happened.

dhw: Not required for what? 99% of his creations were not required for what you claim was his one and only purpose. And you clearly have no idea why he created the long necks or the weird dinosaurs. Only God can explain your nonsense.

Exactly!! God knows what He is doing for His own purposes. Easily accepted by believers.

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