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DAVID: All you have is wishful thinking without any evidence. I have the Cambrian on my side.

dhw: There is no wishful thinking on my part – I am simply trying to find explanations of life’s history that make sense. Your interpretation of the Cambrian is on my side: if he was capable of producing species without precursors, why did he not produce us and our food directly? You can’t explain it, and I am supposed to accept your inability to explain it as an explanation.

Why must I explain God's reasoning to you? I accept what He did and reach obvious conclusions as to His goals. You've twisted poor Darwin's reasoning. He knew the Cambrian gap damaged his theory. Only a designer can create such a gap. Yes, God directly creates huge jumps in forms. Note the unexplained 'plant bloom' which troubled Darwin. Why did God jump ahead? He had His reasons, and I am satisfied. You just pick, pick, pick and know we have no answer. Why can 't you accept God uses evolution at all stages of creation starting with direct creation, followed by an evolving universe, an evolving Milky Way, and an evolving Earth.?

Immunity system complexity:

QUOTE:"The human immune system is made up of a complex network of cells that provide continuous surveillance for anything that is non-self, such as bacteria or viruses. There are two main branches—innate and adaptive immunity—that serve different functions but work together to overcome the different challenges the body may face." (dhw's bold)

dhw: I’ve repeated these quotes only in order to show the importance of combinations and cooperation. You believe bacteria (single cells) are able to adapt themselves autonomously to changing conditions. I suggest that if such single cells can do this autonomously, their descendants should also be able to combine and cooperate autonomously as they overcome or even exploit changing conditions (different challenges).

The bold is a wish that is not seen at present.


Dhw: I’m still puzzled. Is it germ cells that change legs into flippers, or do changes get passed from changing legs to the germ cells? In other words, which cells are responsible for the changes to the legs which eventually will become part of the embryo? Sorry if I’m being obtuse!

DAVID: The fertilized cell (egg and sperm from germ cells) contains all the info needed for a new species. In the subsequent formation of the embryo stem cells are in action.

dhw: I don’t understand how the egg and sperm can have info about flippers before flippers actually exist, but perhaps we should drop the subject as it seems to be heading towards the insoluble chicken-and-egg problem.

The only way flippers can appear is if flipper formation information is now in the combined DNA from both patents. You have run headlong into the question of how speciation occurs. The great gaps in fossil forms mean each change involved massive DNA alterations of code for each large change. There is no evidence for Darwin with minor alterations following one after another.

How to think about science and God.

DAVID: It is your inability to follow my reasoning because of the innate biases you do not recognize in yourself. You are a victim of constant doubt.

dhw: I wouldn’t see myself as a “victim”, but I agree that I have constant doubt. And I certainly agree that I am unable to follow your reasoning when you tell me that you can’t explain your theory, and you don’t understand why I can’t accept that as an explanation.

DAVID: The explanations you wish are in God's mind. I am not there. I can only study the real history He created. We both know that humans come from Archaea. I know God did it. I cannot know why He did it as He did. I cannot relieve your doubts as below:

dhw: The real history he created (if he exists) is what throws doubt on your whole theory of evolution. What follows is your “clear explanation”, all of which is covered in this post and the post on your theory, including the proposal that I should accept your inability to explain it as an explanation that makes perfect sense.

You want me to read God's mind and I cannot. I accept history as a roadmap of God's works. I cannot know His reasoning but can see His goals in the current endpoints of evolution. Since I believe in God, it all makes sense to me. Without belief, no wonder you are in a puzzle.

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