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by David Turell @, Saturday, March 19, 2022, 19:07 (102 days ago) @ dhw

Cosmological philosophy: Egnor on the Big Bang, July 19 2021:

dhw: If you believe that conscious minds must have been designed, why is it illogical to ask who or what designed the conscious mind you call God? We agree that there must have been a “first cause”, but an all-knowing, all-powerful conscious mind without cause is no more “reasonable” than eternal matter and energy creating infinite combinations which eventually produce the first rudimentary life and consciousness.

DAVID: The bold is your usual fall back just-so theory. What made the first matter/energy? Especially if Guth is correct with nothing before our BB.

dhw: You disagree with your version of Guth’s theory, so there is no need to keep referring to him. My “fall back just-so theory” leads to exactly the same question as your own fall back just-so theory: if consciousness requires design, who designed God’s consciousness? The answer to both questions is the same empty formula: “first cause”.

DAVID: Round and round until the final stopping point. Who or what is the necessary first cause? I've got mine and you have conjecture. The need for a first cause is not empty.

dhw: I did not say the need was empty. But the term does not provide even a glimmer of an explanation as to how an eternal conscious mind or eternal energy and matter might simply be there.

No, we cannot explain God. He just IS, or isn't in your case as a might be..

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