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Early quark-gluon plasma

DAVID: If God makes new universes, based on the BB, energy/matter must be made anew each time.

Silly word play. If you make something anew, it simply means you start again, and you can do that with existing materials. It doesn’t mean you have to invent new materials. We should end this discussion, because neither of us knows what Guth was trying to “prove”.

What materials exist if a universe has vanished? Guth proved a universe stated with no 'before'. Accept it, even if you don't like it.

Regions protected from mutations

dhw: This ties in neatly with my point that cells must act automatically to preserve a system, but evolution also requires the freedom for cells to vary their structure. Wonderful to hear that scientists are beginning to find out which cells do what.

DAVID: Not my interpretation as above. [..]

dhw: The discussion moved onto direct design by God v design by intelligent cells, but you have not said why you disagree with the above.

I disagree that God gave up design controls to cells. No secondhand design!!!

Cambrian explosion: still finding nervous systems

DAVID: You and one author are satisfied 410,00 years are enough to create appendage and whole new organ systems, with eyes for hunting!!! The first real predators ever! At known mutation rates, impossible except by God designing.

dhw: Known mutation rates do not take into account possible intelligence. If your God can do it, he can also invent a mechanism that can do it. Look at the amazing inventions we humans have come up with in just a hundred years. No, I’m not saying cells are as intelligent as we are. I’m just reminding you of what your God is capable of designing – or have you decided that he didn’t design our intelligence?

You have not responded to any of this.

Cells are not intelligent. They are designed intelligently so they appear intelligent.

DAVID: God's mutation rates can be calculated whether attributed to Him or nature.

dhw: Yes of course. If everyone agrees that certain mutations took place within 410,000 years, it could mean that your God took 410,000 years to dabble, but it could also mean that intelligent cells took 410,000 years to design the same mutations.

The mutations required for any early Cambrian has been calculated by ID into the millions of years. Using the same math Darwinists do. The phenotypic gap survives.

Faint sun paradox

DAVID: Oh, I fully understand your position. 'Perhaps' use might soften your rigidity against a solution to the cause of our existence.

dhw: The theist says: “I believe God did it”; the atheist says: “I believe chance did it.” The agnostic says: “I don’t know which “solution” to believe.” The latter automatically entails “perhaps” for both solutions. The two fixed beliefs automatically mean there can be no “perhaps”. So which of us three do you reckon is most rigid?

Yours. Atheist and theists have solutions

Study of the abdomen

DAVID: An unguided evolutionary process is not likely to develop such a simple design of a complex structure.

dhw: I agree. This community of cells reminds me of my beloved ants, whose combined intelligences also produce simple designs of complex structures.

E. O. Wilson has died recently. He is your champion.

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