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by dhw, Monday, January 17, 2022, 13:00 (132 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: We have to back to the problem of human birth and the tight birth canal.

dhw: No we don’t. I have answered all your queries concerning the brain, and asked why you reject my logic. Now you want to switch the discussion to a different example!

DAVID: When you jump back to intelligent cells making large design advances involving a brain encased in bone you invite my old challenge to your narrow views of the biology of major changes.

You have agreed that if your God exists, he must have designed a mechanism which enables the brain to complexify without his intervention. Otherwise, he would be there supervising and manipulating every individual brain from the first hominin onwards. I propose that the same mechanism (intelligent, flexible cells) would also be responsible for expansion. Why is that beyond your all-powerful God’s powers?

DAVID: Complexification is a process performed by well-organized-in-advance designed neurons, and is of no comparison to the modification of many body parts by different cells requiring an overall design. Back we go to a God of your imagination who allows second hand design by cells He would have to give precise instructions.

Of course they can be compared. Every modification, whether in the brain or in the body, requires the cooperation and coordination of cell communities. True or false? If your God designs a mechanism for autonomous complexification of the brain to meet new requirements, why can’t he do the same for autonomous expansion of the brain and for autonomous expansion of the birth canal? They are all composed of cells, and they all change to meet new requirements!

DAVID: Appearing intelligent doesn't mean it is not all automatic functions, remember?

dhw: And it doesn’t mean they are NOT intelligent. Even you gave odds of 50/50. Remember? Now please tell us what attributes in addition to my own list you would consider necessary before you would agree that a life form is autonomously intelligent.

DAVID: All automaticity looks intelligent. Your attributes are description of intelligence. nothing more. You can't tell what is really in a book by its cover blurbs.

All intelligence looks intelligent. That is no reason why anyone should assume that behaviour which looks intelligent is NOT intelligent. Since you yourself give odds of 50/50, the theory cannot be dismissed just because it would undermine your fixed belief that your God provided the first cells with “instructions” to be passed down through billions of years for every single life form, econiche, lifestyle, natural wonder, or alternatively kept popping in to perform operations on or give courses to all creatures great and small.:-(

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