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DAVID: They use DNA mutation clocks, don't ask me how with calculus I don't understand, not knowing how speciation works. New species have new mutations shown by comparisons of DNA decoded.

dhw: Mathematicians don’t know how speciation works either, and so I presume your comments are your roundabout way of agreeing with me that they won’t be able to prove anything, no matter whether they are ID-ers or neo-Darwinists.

But the clocks appear as if fact on both sides.


DAVID: My obvious comparison is real and not chauvinism.

dhw: Of course it’s real, if we agree that different organisms have different DEGREES of consciousness. Damasio has not said other organisms have the SAME consciousness as ours! And what’s this nonsense about his octopus example being “atheistic”?

Octopuses are amazingly clever in the tricks they play in labs, but not chauvinistically equal to us.

Evolution - Loss of traits

DAVID: What a convoluted twist! We are discussing genome mutation controls with loss of previously established DNA genes. Genes are removed with a new recombination of existing genes creating the phenotypic change.

dhw: You have left out innovations, as you did last time. Your comment does not contradict my point: the losses do not CAUSE the adaptations and innovations that lead to evolutionary changes, but result from them because they are no longer needed.

Discarding genes create advances, surprisingly. You are off point.

Oxidative protection (Neanderthals and us)


DAVID: An all knowing God knows what works to produce life and God produced life from an inorganic universe he also created.

dhw: If he exists, then of course this is true. That doesn’t mean he produced all the different homos to pass on the “goodies”, and it doesn’t mean that despite his all-powerfulness, he created a system resulting in bowel disease and vascular diseases and other “errors” he didn’t want and failed to correct.

The only system that works. An all-knowing God knows what is available for use.

DAVID: If life appeared 3.8 by ago, its chemical processes did not need oxygen. It is obvious more complex life forms were allowed to appear as more oxygen became available. And an obvious drive toward complexity existed, I propose designed by god.

dhw: Yes indeed, environmental changes either require or allow changes in life forms. Even if it were true that your God designed them, he would not have done so BEFORE the oxygen was available, but AS it became available. That is how evolution works: in RESPONSE to conditions – not in ANTICIPATION of them.

You cannot design an organism dependent on oxygen if it isn't present. Evolution is stages, remember.

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