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by dhw, Monday, December 13, 2021, 18:02 (38 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: […]I agree that there is nothing wrong with reaching conclusions, except when those conclusions are manifestly self-contradictory. For instance, I cannot fault your reasons for believing in a designer, which are admirably logical. But your conclusions concerning his purpose and method are full of holes, as is your rejection of the theory of cellular intelligence (which even you rate at 50/50), and so of course I object. The whole purpose of this forum is to discuss the feasibility of theories concerning all the questions we humans have so far failed to answer!

DAVID: Answered in today's Natures wonders. 50/50 is an appraisal of possibility, nothing more. Pick your side from what you see as proof. You have none, but I show cell automaticity on many days, no thought involved.

I keep pointing out that most cellular actions ARE automatic, and have to be if a system is to remain the same. It’s only origins and changing conditions that require intelligence (i.e. changes to what existed before). See “cellular intelligence”.

dhw: The rest of your post simply ignores all the arguments against your theories:

DAVID: It is your illogical thought constantly misinterpreting God's actions.
My anthropocentric theory is entirely comprehensible to clear thinking.
Stop bringing up your objections to my pure logic

dhw: Your clear thinking and pure logic have led you to advise me to ask God to explain your theories, because you have no idea why he would have done what you believe he has done.

DAVID: The same weak distortion of my thoughts. Where I have no concept of God's choices is one single point: I have no idea why He chose to evolve each stage of His creations, but that is what His created history presents. You point to the possibility of a Genesis style God creating. Not current Hebrew scholar thought. God took His own time.

You have, as usual, completely ignored the issue on which we disagree. We both accept that stage by stage evolution took place! I do not point to the possibility of Creationism! I ask why, if your God was capable of separate creation (which you maintain he was, e.g. during the Cambrian), he did NOT use that power to create the only species (plus food) that he wanted to create, and why he would individually design all the life forms and foods that had no connection with humans and their foods if his one and only purpose was to design humans (plus food)! That is the problem you either turn a blind eye to, or you tell me that you have no idea and I should ask God to explain it.

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