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by dhw, Sunday, December 12, 2021, 10:56 (39 days ago) @ David Turell

Reality: God is a mathematician
DAVID… [God] is highly purposeful, and His thoughts are much deeper than ours ever are. I am forced to use human descriptive terms as there are none that fit God.

dhw: In my alternatives, he is also highly purposeful, and of course the powers of a being who can create universes and life etc. would exceed ours immeasurably. How does that come to mean that he designed every life form, natural wonder etc. for the sole purpose of designing humans plus food?

DAVID: The history He created.

Which is open to different interpretations, some more logical than others!

Spider webs
See “insect migration”.

Heliosphere protection
DAVID: Why can't you wait for research explanations? I do.

dhw: I have no alternative to waiting, which is why I sit on the fence. But you have already reached your fixed conclusions, and so you only “wait” in the hope that your theory will be confirmed, and in the meantime you reject any theory different from yours. You just can’t wait, can you? ;-)

DAVID: What is wrong with reaching conclusions. like you rigid cell intelligence conclusion?

First you say you wait for research explanations, and then you ask what’s wrong with not waiting but forming a rigid conclusion! Mine is not a rigid conclusion. As I keep emphasizing, it’s a theory, though I must confess I find it far more convincing than Darwin’s random mutations, and your rigid conclusion that there has been a divine 3.8-billion-year-old programme or an individual divine dabble for every single life form, econiche, lifestyle, natural wonder etc. However, I agree that there is nothing wrong with reaching conclusions, except when those conclusions are manifestly self-contradictory. For instance, I cannot fault your reasons for believing in a designer, which are admirably logical. But your conclusions concerning his purpose and method are full of holes, as is your rejection of the theory of cellular intelligence (which even you rate at 50/50), and so of course I object. The whole purpose of this forum is to discuss the feasibility of theories concerning all the questions we humans have so far failed to answer!

The rest of your post simply ignores all the arguments against your theories:
DAVID: It is your illogical thought constantly misinterpreting God's actions.
My anthropocentric theory is entirely comprehensible to clear thinking.
Stop bringing up your objections to my pure logic.

Your clear thinking and pure logic have led you to advise me to ask God to explain your theories, because you have no idea why he would have done what you believe he has done.

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