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by David Turell @, Friday, December 10, 2021, 19:05 (41 days ago) @ dhw

Reality: God is a mathematician

DAVID: You chose a very humanized God. I don't accept the God of your imagination.

dhw: So your all-powerful, well-intentioned control freak who can’t correct all the errors in the system he designed, enjoys creation and watches his creations with interest, is only human, whereas my laissez-faire God who enjoys creation and watches his creations with interest is very human, and the fact that your explanation of life’s history is incomprehensible to you (I must go and ask God to explain it), while mine makes perfect sense to you, is irrelevant.

No matter how you twist my description of my God, He is not human in any way, is highly purposeful, and His thoughts are much deeper than ours ever are. I am forced to use human descriptive terms as there are none that fit God.

Spider webs
QUOTE: “The Goulds postulate that spiders have a form of mapping ability that enables them to implement general design principles in a wide variety of circumstances. This is demonstrated, for instance, by spiders successfully making repairs to damaged webs. (DAVID’s bold)

DAVID: these webs are of magical designs, not invented by tiny spider brains appearing through natural evolutionary processes. Only a design algorithm fits.

dhw: Size is irrelevant! Tiny computers (artificial intelligence) can contain masses of information. According to you, natural brains (producing natural intelligence) have the ability to interpret a very limited quantity of information, and yet are too tiny to use that information in order to spin a web, build a nest, or find the plants off which they feed. Once more, what is the use of an ability if you are incapable of using it?

The spiders ARE given an algorithm to use. They are not incapable of using it at will.

Heliosphere protection

DAVID: But I accept what God did and don't claim it is illogical. I'm willing to wait for research explanations which continue to arrive.

dhw: You claim that your interpretation of what God did and why he did it is logical, but you can’t explain it!

'Why can't you wait for research explanations? I do.

Ecosystem importance
DAVID: Each system was useful in its time.

dhw: But most were irrelevant to current time (i.e. to humans)

Of course, as you pursue segmentalism in evolution.

DAVID: Evolution, by definition is a continuum of one stage leading to another. You want it chopped up into discontinuous parts.

dhw: But it is not a continuum of all stages of all species leading only to humans plus food! See “ant algorithm”.

It branches in all directions to supply food energy!!!

Upright posture

DAVID: So your prayer is for tiny fossil step discoveries. They don't exist, only the huge gaps you love to ignore. Jumping into water requires giant changes shown by the discontinuous whale series, way beyond the cell committees obvious tiny ability.

dhw: I am not praying for anything, although I suspect that is precisely what you are doing when you say you are “waiting for research explanations” of your own inexplicable theory. I don’t ignore the gaps. There are enough whale fossils to show how the species developed, and your “large organisms chauvinism” concerning the ability of cells to change their structure is already exposed by the fact that you agree that they CAN make such changes – only you insist that they can only make small ones.

Giant fossil gaps are not explained by brilliant cell committees, a fantasy of your making, based upon observers opinion that cells act with such exact purpose, they must be intelligent, when it is clear to me from biochemical research they act with rigid automaticity and, therefore look intelligent, as all ID folks agree with me. You have your old 'experts', and I have my experts in present time. They are also highly trained Ph.D.'s like your were.

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