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by David Turell @, Thursday, December 09, 2021, 20:11 (244 days ago) @ dhw

Reality: God is a mathematician

DAVID: Your constant humanizing of God never stops.

dhw: If you believe your God probably/possibly has thought patterns etc. similar to ours, why is it wrong to provide a logical explanation of life’s history which includes thought patterns similar to ours? In any case, usual question: why is it less human (your version) to want total control, to have good intentions, to try yet fail to correct errors etc., than (one of my alternatives) to allow freedom, to enjoy creation, to watch one’s creations with interest (the last two of which you have already accepted as possible)?

You chose a very humanized God. I don't accept the God of hour imagination.

Monarchs use toxic milkweed

See entry on vampire bees today

Heliosphere protection

DAVID: So you don't understand it either! Wait for our research!

dhw: No, I don’t understand it, and nor do you. The fact that neither of us understands it should alert you to the possibility that it might be wrong, and that one of the alternatives that you do understand might even be right. If we wait for the research, there is no point in discussing any of the unsolved mysteries of life!:-(

But I accept what God did and don't clam it is illogical. I'm willing to wait for research explanations which continue to arrive.

Ecosystem importance

DAVID: Each system was useful in its time.

dhw: You’ve got it! Each system is useful for its members. And each system changes, which either causes extinction or is caused by extinction. But each system cannot have been “part of the goal” etc. if it had nothing to do with humans or their food. That should end this section of the argument.

Evolution, by definition is a continuum of one stage leading to another. You want it chopped uyp into discontinuous parts.

Upright posture
DAVID: upright posture requires pelvic changes and a development of lumbar lordosis, which apes do not have. [...] Did continuous attempts at bipedal locomotion produce the change? Not likely with a dependence upon chance mutations. On the other hand if provided with the proper spinal anatomy upright, posture becomes easy to manage. Design is obvious.

dhw: Why have you linked “continuous attempts” to random mutations? Even an individual human in his own lifetime can make minor changes to his/her body by “continuous attempts” – what would be the purpose of training if it were otherwise? Why is it impossible that the cell communities of which all bodies consist might with “continuous attempts” alter their structure from legs to flippers (whales), or from slouching bone structure to upright bone structure?

DAVID: Back to the flimsy idea cell committees can design for future needs. No tiny steps in the fossil record refutes your conjecture.

dhw: Once more: no, they do not design for future needs. They design in response to present needs, and by adapting to present needs, they improve their chances of surviving into the future. The fact that we do not have an inch by inch fossil record of every life form that ever lived is hardly surprising given the vast period of time involved. That is why every new fossil find is hailed as a wonderful discovery.

So your prayer is for tiny fossil step discoveries. They don't exist, only the huge gaps you love to ignore. Jumping into water requires giant changes shown by the discontinuous whale series, way beyond the cell committees obvious tiny ability.

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