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by dhw, Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 11:46 (17 days ago) @ David Turell

Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big
DAVID: History shows what God did. Evolution occurred and God did it. I've imposed nothing but claim it is God's work. Your objections are about God, not my acceptance of His works.

dhw: You have imposed a single purpose (to design humans plus food) and a method (to design countless life forms and food that had no connection with humans plus food).

DAVID: I simply see God's created history. Humans came last, didn't they

Last so far. Unfortunately, you have forgotten the rest of your history: namely, the countless life forms and foods he specially designed, most of which had no connection with humans (plus food) although humans (plus food) were his one and only goal. Such lapses of memory are now occurring in every post.

David v Dawkins
DAVID: Both Dawkins and I might hope for findings that support our theories, but I know I'll change if required by new findings, and assume Dawkins will also.

dhw: Of course you will both change if there are findings that disprove your respective theories once and for all. Otherwise, you will both continue, in your unscientific way, to hope and have faith that your rigid beliefs will be confirmed in the future, and any other beliefs should be ridiculed or ignored.

DAVID: My rejection of your pet theories is not ridicule, nor do I ignore them. Are you pouting?

OK. Both you and Dawkins have faith that your rigid beliefs will be confirmed in the future, and any other beliefs should be ridiculed or ignored or dismissed. And I still say such closed minds denote an unscientific attitude towards the subject. This even applies to different forms of theism. Look at your dismissive responses:

DAVID: God is not an experimental scientist!!! God has no need to experiment.
DAVID: God does not need to create His own enjoyment!! I assume He enjoys creating itself.

How do you know what your God needs?

dhw: Your silly “humanizing” argument has been demolished over and over again, not only by your own humanizations, but also by your agreement that we mimic him and that he probably/possibly has thought patterns, emotions and logic similar to ours.

DAVID: Repeating my guesses about God as if I think they are factual, when I have repeatedly told you they are GUESSES.

See above for your authoritative guesses, reinforced by multiple exclamation marks. You only downgrade your positive statements when it turns out that they can be used to support different theories from your own, which are also guesses.

When continents appeared
QUOTE: We conclude that the first large continents were making their way above sea level around 3 billion years ago—much earlier than the 2.5 billion years estimated by previous research.

No one would question the rise of the continents or its importance. The sensational news, repeated many times, is the authors’ new “estimate”. Well, it may surprise you to know that my own estimate is 2.7654321 million years ago. However, I am applying for a grant to do further research into this, and I hope I will have your backing.

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