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Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big
DAVID: Just study God's history to finally understand. Countless existing forms in the bush of life makes food for all.

dhw: But your God is perfectly capable of designing species without precursors. And so if he only wanted to design us plus food, there was no need for precursors of all the life forms and foods that had no connection with us.

DAVID: Yes God speciates in gaps like the Cambrian.

And that is why you can’t understand why, if his only purpose was to “evolve” humans he “evolved” all the species plus foods that had nothing to do with humans plus foods, and also “evolved” us humans plus foods, although he was perfectly capable of designing us directly.

dhw: [re David’s switch from “goal” to “endpoint”…]...all you have done is replace a very clear word with one that requires closer definition. Your definition is “goal”, and we are right back where we started.

DAVID: It seems that way.

dhw: So goodbye to another dodge.

DAVID: We're here no matter how it is termed as a goal and endpoint. We are the desired endpoint of evolution by God.

We are indeed here. See bold above and “Giraffe plumbing” for the rest of your illogical theory..

David v Dawkins
DAVID: My only difference with Dawkins is his atheism. And his selfish gene theories resulting in a weird view of evolution covered in my book.

dhw: I suspect that he would refer to your own divine preprogramming/dabbling view of evolution as “weird”. Your closed minds and dismissal of each other’s unproven beliefs still mark you out as non-scientific pots and kettles.[…]

DAVID: If we anticipate answers from ongoing research that will validate or invalidate, we haven't turned our backs on science.

You turn your back on science the moment you ridicule someone else’s theory which is just as unproven as your own, and you hope or believe that science will prove your theory to be correct. Hoping for support, having faith in an unproven theory but ridiculing other theories because they are unproven, does not square with a scientific approach to any subject.

DAVID: We all agree cells act intelligently, which may mean they are programmed to act that way automatically.

dhw: I’m delighted at this universal agreement, and wish all those who agree would acknowledge that intelligent behaviour “may mean” that the cells are intelligent.

DAVID: 50/50 chance.

So please stop dismissing it.

QUOTE: Arendt emphasises that the sponges’ neuroid cells aren’t neurons. “We still think they don’t have a nervous system,” he says. But these cells may be coordinating the activities of the digestive cells. “We see a lot of vesicles in those neuroid cells that would indicate that they secrete something, which is a very strong indication for communication,” he says.

dhw: Cells coordinating the activities of other cells, and appearing to communicate (how else could they coordinate others?). Sounds like intelligence to me.

DAVID: And where did the information that makes them operate properly come from?

I suggest that they operate properly because they have the intelligence to observe and process information, and pass on their knowledge to others. But if you’re asking where their intelligence came from, I’m happy to grant that it may have come from your God.

New Ediacaran fossils
QUOTE: “The emerging tempo of Ediacaran evolution is defined by assemblages of organisms with increasing ecosystem complexity that are relatively stable on tens of millions of year time scales, with new assemblages appearing across much shorter, discrete intervals. At the current resolution, these transitions in the fossil record coincide with CIEs, suggestive of a potential causal relationship between environmental perturbations recorded in the carbon cycle and biological turnovers."

DAVID: You can wish for lost fossils, but it will remain a desperate wish.

The heading alone tells you that NEW fossils are being discovered all the time. And you don’t seem to have noticed the alternation of long periods of stasis with short bursts of activity that coincide with changes in the environment (= Gould’s punctuated equilibrium), as cell communities (organisms) respond to those changes.

DAVID: The Edicaran forms definitely advanced to macroscopic more complex forms and may have finally developed into early sponges, which represent first animal life. But that is it. What followed in the Cambrian were highly complex body forms with motility and complex organ systems and a crowning achievement, eyes! The gap remains despite this degree of research.

Yes, the Cambrian gap remains, but the increasing complexity of Edicaran organisms as they interact with environmental changes gives us a clue to the way evolution works. We are still left with the possibility of absent fossils and/or cellular intelligence, as opposed to your God preprogramming or personally dabbling every individual change in all species throughout life’s history just so that he can preprogramme or dabble humans plus their food.

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