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by David Turell @, Thursday, November 04, 2021, 14:28 (30 days ago) @ dhw

Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big

DAVID: Because my answer to your constant illogical question is God chose to evolve us from bacteria for His own reasons, unknown to us…

dhw: And according to you he also chose to evolve countless other life forms that had no connection with us, and again you have no idea why.

Just study God's history to finally understand. Countless existing forms in the bush of life makes food for all.

DAVID: ….and 'endpoint' fits that thought better than goal. 'Goal' implies achieving something over time as if it might be difficult to achieve. God's endpoint implies He knew how to get there all along, but chose stepwise for His own reasons.

dhw: Goal means purpose (e.g. your God started out with the aim of producing humans). Endpoint means completion. It could refer to the fulfilment of a purpose, or it could mean simply the end of any kind of process (e.g. you think humans are the last species that evolution will produce after its higgledy-piggledy history). Both could take a long time or a short time, be difficult or not difficult, entail knowing or not knowing how to get there, and both could entail steps along the way. By refusing to discard the red, you have made it clear that you only mean “goal”, so all you have done is replace a very clear word with one that requires closer definition. Your definition is “goal”, and we are right back where we started.

It seems that way.

David v Dawkins

DAVID: My only difference with Dawkins is his atheism. And his selfish gene theories resulting in a weird view of evolution covered in my book.

dhw: I suspect that he would refer to your own divine preprogramming/dabbling view of evolution as “weird”. Your closed minds and dismissal of each other’s unproven beliefs still mark you out as non-scientific pots and kettles.

I agreed Dawkins at the start of this thread in that new science findings are anticipated to clarify theory. I still do.

QUOTES: "But how did these embedded programs arise in the history of life? There’s the problem for evolutionists.”

The secret, according to author Eric Cassell: behavioral algorithms embedded in their tiny brains.”

DAVID: the brain behavioral algorithms require then input of specific information. How was that provided by natural evolution? Not by Darwin style chance mutations.

dhw: Just like you, the authors simply ignore the theory that all of these wonderful feats originated through the intelligence of tiny brains working out how best to cope with the world around them. (And the theory does not preclude the existence of a God who gave them their intelligence.)

We all agree cells act intelligently, which may mean they are programmed to act that way automatically.

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