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by David Turell @, Tuesday, November 02, 2021, 15:51 (32 days ago) @ dhw

Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big

DAVID: I have replaced goal with endpoint which is a more accurate way of viewing our appearance.

dhw: Since we are the last species to appear so far, the term is far less problematical than "goal", because it is not necessarily synonymous with purpose. So let’s make it nice and clear, shall we? You wish to drop the term "goal". Are you now saying that you no longer believe that humans plus food were your God’s one and only goal, and you no longer believe that every single life form and food which had no connection with humans was “part of the goal of evolving [= designing] humans” plus food? This will at last rid us of the mantra which has caused so much repetitive discussion.

The red part which you wish me to discard will not be discarded. I've changed the word goal to endpoint of God's evolution, and remain with my initial interpretation of God's actions. We are here only because God wanted us here, and He chose, for His own reasons, to evolve us from bacteria. All clearly and logically demonstrated from the history God created.

DAVID: All of evolution produced humans in stepwise fashion from God's designs.

dhw: And all of evolution also produced millions of life forms and foods in stepwise fashion that had no connection with humans, but you think humans may be the last species to be produced by the process of evolution, as opposed to being your God’s only goal or purpose. Is that right? The rest of your post repeats various subjects dealt with elsewhere. The now official switch from “goal” to “endpoint” is the new beacon of hope, since clearly it means you think the process of evolution has finished, but equally clearly it does NOT mean that every previous life form and food was part of the goal of evolving us and our food.

Your interpretation and mine are still different and will remain so unless you see the light

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