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by dhw, Thursday, October 28, 2021, 12:04 (30 days ago) @ David Turell

Chimps /'r’/ not us
dhw: The repetition seems to be endless. ALL forms of life need food. That does not mean that ALL extinct forms of life and food – the majority of which had no connection with humans – were part of the goal of producing humans and their food.

DAVID: But God's history says they are.

dhw: I didn’t know God had written a history book explaining his one and only purpose. Did he also explain why he specially designed countless life forms and foods that had no connection with humans, although the only thing he wanted to design was humans and their foods?

DAVID: But God wrote our history, which you misinterpret.

Apparently, then, the correct interpretation is that your God’s one and only goal was to create humans plus food, so he created every form of life and food extant and extinct, most of which had no connection with humans. But amazingly, according to you, “We can only know God’s logic is like ours.” I reckon he’d be as flabbergasted as I am!

Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big
DAVID: I have every right to dismiss your humanized form of God. He is yours alone.

dhw: You don't have to accept any of my alternative versions, but none of them are any more "humanized" than your own: a God with good intentions who is mysteriously compelled to design a system containing errors that cause untold suffering, and who tries - often in vain - to correct the errors. And for good measure, he also specially designs bad bacteria and viruses, but one day we shall know his intentions were good with them as well. And yet you claim that your God is all-powerful.

DAVID: Same old tired anti-God diatribe that you do not realize as such.

dhw: Same old tired dodge of pretending that my criticism of your illogical theories is an attack on God.

DAVID: Your illogical complaint comes from your skewed view of who God is. Your God and mine, if they met, would not recognize each other.

My own varied views of what God might be like, if he exists, have absolutely nothing to do with the sheer illogicality of your belief that he is all-powerful but...see the bolds above. And if I point out the illogicality of this belief, you accuse me of criticizing God, as if somehow your illogical theory has become fact.

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