Covid Christmas (General)

by dhw, Thursday, December 24, 2020, 10:13 (601 days ago)

Covid Christmas

Whether we believe or not,
We’ll do our best to stop the rot.
Our politicians have no clue,
Praying priests are helpless too,
Theologians can’t inspire us –
Why would God design the virus?
Fear is rife – Death’s on the way,
And yet there’s joy on Christmas Day!
We’ll meet and greet (best not to hug),
We’ll laugh and sing (forget the bug),
Relish each moment of existence
(Try to keep our social distance)…
In the midst of devastation
We find the will for celebration.
And this defiance makes me proud:
The human spirit is unbowed.
In truth, we cannot stop life’s rot,
But we’ll make the most of what we’ve got!

Let’s hope our scientists will at least find a way to stop the Covid rot. Meanwhile, best wishes to everyone who reads these lines, and my apologies to anyone who might be offended that they bypass the religious significance of the day.

As my family will be here just for the one day that is allowed, I shan’t be answering posts tomorrow.

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