World Transformation Movement (Introduction)

by dhw, Wednesday, November 04, 2020, 11:37 (442 days ago) @ George Jelliss

George: Since no-one seems to know the book I give a taste of it here:
Extract from Robert Graves, The White Goddess,
Appendix II - A talk about the book given in 1957.

<<The most important single fact in the early history of Western religion
and sociology was undoubtedly the gradual suppression of the Lunar
Mother-goddess's inspiratory cult, and its supersession /// by the
busy, rational cult of the Solar God Apollo, who rejected the Orphic
tree-alphabet in favour of the commercial Phoenician alphabet - the
familiar ABC - and initiated European literature and science. It is
no secret that, towards the end of the second millennium BC Apollo's
people captured the Moon-goddess's most revered shrines and oracles,
including Tempe, Delphi and Delos, and so limited her worship that
the great raging Ninefold mountain-mother of Parnassus was at last
converted into a choir, or ballet, or troupe of nine tame little
Nymphs, 'the Muses', with Apollo as their art-director and manager.
Apollo also triumphed over the Italian Goddesses Minerva and Carmenta,
when the Romans went all Greek under the late Republic.

Thank you for this, George. You opened this part of the thread by asking:

Does anyone still defend the idea of a matriarchal society in the past,
such as was set out by Robert Graves in his book The White Goddess?
Which I suspect is more poetry and fantasy than based on reality.

Speaking for myself, I do not believe any of the above gods and goddesses were real, but David has confirmed that there were several matriarchal societies in Africa, and I also mentioned the Amazons. I'm not quite sure how this ties in with the World Transformation Movement, unless the suggestion is that a matriarchal society would solve all our problems.
It could hardly do worse than our patriarchal societies!

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