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by dhw, Thursday, October 22, 2020, 12:18 (664 days ago)

QUOTES: (under “Human evolution”) ………early humans at Olorgesailie relied on the same tools, stone handaxes, for 700,000 years. Their way of life during this period was remarkably stable, with no major changes in their behaviors and strategies for survival.

This is what we call "stasis".

Then, beginning around 320,000 years ago, people living there entered the Middle Stone Age, crafting smaller, more sophisticated weapons, including projectiles. At the same time, they began to trade resources with distant groups and to use coloring materials, suggesting symbolic communication. All these changes were a significant departure from their previous lifestyle, likely helping early humans cope with their newly variable landscape, Potts said.
The new analysis reveals how a changing climate along with new land faults introduced by tectonic activity and ecological disruptions in the vegetation and fauna all came together to drive disruptions that made technological innovation, trading resources and symbolic communication¬—three key factors in adaptability—beneficial for early humans in this region.

"'TThen with humans in the mix, and some of their innovations like projectile weapons, they also may have affected the fauna. It's a whole ecosystem changing, with humans as part of it.'"

DAVID: With big-brained H. sapiens dated at 315,000 years ago in Morocco the ability to adapt had to be improved. Darwinists, like the authors, assume it is all adaptability changes, but the appearance of the big brain was undoubtedly was the main factor in human response and inventiveness.

Wikipedia: The emergence of these behaviors, it is observed by the authors of three 2018 studies on the site, approximately corresponds to the earliest known Homo sapiens fossil remains from Africa (such as at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco and Florisbad, South Africa) dated to about the same period, and it is suggested that complex behaviors began in Africa around the time of the emergence of Homo sapiens

This is a brand new contribution to our discussion on brain expansion. My proposal has always been that brain expansion was triggered by new requirements which demanded extra cells. Previously you have harped on the fact that there was no evidence of new requirements. Here you have a whole list of them, all occurring at the same time as the known expansion of the brain. Your proposal is that your God expanded the brain in anticipation of the changes listed above. Mine is that the brain expanded in response to these requirements. Nothing proved, of course, but this article removes your main objection to my theory. Many thanks for drawing our attention to it.

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