The Coronavirus (A mad world)

by dhw, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 13:26 (308 days ago)

The UK has just followed the example of many other countries and announced at least a partial “lockdown”. Of course nobody – not even the scientists – really knows how to deal with this crisis, but I’ve seen at least one religious article suggesting God is punishing us for our bad behaviour. No doubt there will be other articles asking why God created bad viruses in the first place, or what is the point of believing in a God when obviously life runs itself in whatever direction its forms choose to follow?

From my habitual position on the fence (though I’ve been urged to scurry into the house and lock the door), I can only deplore the suffering, not just physical but also social and economic, and marvel – though with horror – at the way Nature can indiscriminately terrorize the whole human race within just a few weeks. And there is panic-buying to illustrate the primitive me-first side of human nature. What an ugly world! At the same time, we see that almost immediately, pollution in the cities has fallen dramatically, no doubt saving thousands of lives, and the madness of city life has quietened down to a far healthier pace, while new groups of helpers are coming together everywhere to illustrate the empathy and kindness of human nature. What a wonderful world!

If anyone happens to read this, regardless of your beliefs, non-beliefs and disbeliefs, let me wish you a safe journey through this plague-ridden passage of human history.

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