Introducing Gunter Bechly (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Thursday, December 19, 2019, 00:34 (395 days ago)

A paleontologist who started out with Darwin and now is an ID proponent. This is a short video with him introducing his background in the first two minutes and thereafter discusses transitional forms and many gaps. His discussion of micro and macro evolution fits exactly my approach to adaptation and innovation definitions. His final discussion is the issue of calculated 'waiting time', how long it would take for Darwin style mutations to create something quite new. His answer is longer than the universe is old. Please listen after 2 minutes until the end almost at 11 minutes:


For one, he distinguishes between two meanings of “transitional” fossil forms and identifies the problem these forms pose for Darwinism.

Certainly, we find organisms that are “morphologically intermediate,” bearing resemblances to organisms that came before and others that came later. What we don’t find is the smooth curve of change expected by Darwinian theory, a “fossil lineage that shows a gradual transition from one form into the other.” The record of abrupt appearances, “explosions” (not just the famous Cambrian explosion), “revolutions,” etc., is not the exception but the rule. Given conventional evolutionary assumptions, this should not be the case!

Comment: A good taste as to why I know these folks are real scientists. I've followed him for awhile. An academic like Behe.

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