Eben Alexander speech (Introduction)

by dhw, Thursday, January 03, 2019, 10:07 (513 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I agree that his talk was rambling and over long. Dr. Laura Potter has stated her account was misstated and misinterpreted and incompletely represented in the Esquire article. Deepening a coma is standard medical practice. Debunkers have debunked The original debunkers as is usual. As for malpractice cases, in this country lawyers have created an active malpractice industry, and I was subject to several. We all carry insurance to handle it. No one has denied his previous academic position in medical school. I'm sure there were questions after the talk, but the You tube version did not show the questions. Thank you for listening to it, since you had not read the book.

It’s I who have to thank you for the constant stream of articles you present. This is what keeps the forum going, even if we generally disagree on the conclusions to be drawn from the latest discoveries!

DAVID: Note this article. Dr. Potter was the ER MD who saw him when he hit the ER on day one!

I actually read the complete interview with Robert Mays, which is why I mentioned the debunkers debunking the debunkers. However, I was struck by the following in this article:

QUOTE: “Eben's NDE never was generally considered one of the better NDEs, as far as providing solid evidence along these lines. But, it certainly shouldn't be dismissed as "just a hallucination", either.”

That is also my view. Incidentally, another thing I forgot to mention was Eben Alexander’s belief in reincarnation, which once more he failed to elaborate on. I really can’t see how this fits in with his experience of a perfect Heaven.

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