Hurricane Michael (General)

by dhw, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 13:11 (627 days ago) @ David Turell

TONY: DHW, it has been so much better than enduring, though endurance is certainly part of it. People have a way of thriving under adversity that I truly believe is predicated upon having their priorities forcefully, if temporarily, realigned. When food, clothing, shelter, and clean water are your priorities for life, all the other B.S. in life gets put in its proper place. I've watched my family pull together more strongly, and the gets good qualities burn through the normal layer of teenage angst and apathy, and I hope that I can keep that fire burning.

DAVID: Thank you for a wonderful description of what you guys are going through. And I love your attitude, seeing the best in a mess. Sounds like great news for your Mother.

I can only echo David’s sentiments and admire your attitude. And yes, I agree that endurance is only part of it, and that adversity can bring out the very best qualities of human nature. But I must confess that I find the downbeats of such disasters as saddening as the upbeats are inspiring.

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