the darwin delusion (General)

by J. Warshawsky @, London, Monday, January 07, 2008, 14:17 (4529 days ago)

Fantastic text. Full of thought-provoking commentary. I've just been reading another book on a related subject - Paul Arden's 'God Explained in a Taxi Ride' (Penguin, 2007) - and on p. 10 Arden writes: 'Darwin says there is no such thing as God. There is only science and evolution....' And on p. 84: 'Until very recently, I had blind faith in a God who gave order to all things. I took a lot of comfort from that. Recently, I had Darwin dumped on me with such clarity that it has shaken my belief to its foundations....'

It seems as if nobody but D. H. Wilson has actually read - and understood - his Darwin! For that alone (but also for much much more) this tract is to be commended, and heartily recommended to writers like Dawkins and Arden who have so egregiously missed the point.

Thank you.

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