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by BBella @, Saturday, July 15, 2017, 16:57 (366 days ago) @ dhw

I am back after a magnificent holiday, but am confronted with a massive backlog of things to be sorted out. This includes the large amount of material posted on the forum since I went away. I‘m particularly glad to welcome reblak, and will try to respond to his interesting new approach in the next few days, but it will take me some time to catch up. Just wanted to reassure anyone who is interested that I am alive and well and eager to rejoin the discussions!

Welcome back, dhw! Great to hear your holiday was magnificent! I too welcome reblak to our group and hope to hear more from his interesting perspective.

Also, I wanted to let the group know that I too am finally back, catching up with the posts. I am post operative over 4 weeks from a successful open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect from which I am recovering nicely. It's good to finally have some clearing of the mind as I ween myself from my only interest of my next pain pill and the television. It has been quite a ride, but I am extremely thankful to be on the other side of what has been the greatest challenge of my life so far.

~ onward and upward ~ life awaits.


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