creation equation (Introduction)

by dhw, Thursday, February 23, 2017, 11:42 (360 days ago) @ dhw

Thanks again, George, for dropping by. I’m afraid the following made me laugh:

That’s an amazing perspective. Every tree of a species is truly and out growth of its earliest predecessor. There is only one tree that happens to have fallen apart into billions separate branches across the world.
That’s what this Creation Equation tells us.
By extension it also tells me that every living species not only has a single common ancestor, in fact, every living being is part of that same organism whose root is that common ancestor. “We are one” is not just New Age speak: we really are one.
But we knew this already, right?
That often happens in science, we discover equations that match what we know already. It tells us scientists that we are on the right path. The next step is to look back further. What preceded the first common ancestor? The science of evolution tells us that it all started with a hot cocktail of monomers of life: Amino acids, Phospholipids and Nucleotides. How exactly this soup merged into life, has not been fully understood. And that is an understatement.”

It sure is. But it’s nice to have a scientist so cheerfully and enthusiastically confirming what Darwin told us 150 years ago.

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