First one? Really? (Politics)

by xeno6696 @, Sonoran Desert, Saturday, June 13, 2009, 19:41 (4806 days ago) @ David Turell

Dr. Turell, - It is true that we diverged--we are undeniably different--but denying that we share behaviors with our cousins would strike me as absurd. The fundamental problems leading to both ape and human societal breakdowns both amount to an economic problem. dhw's evaluation of animals and humans is one of the best arguments i've ever seen, but it also works both ways. We inherit all the negative aspects of our ancestry along with all of the positive things we added. - Mini case: In countries suffering from a lack of a ruler at all--absolute chaos reigns and it truly becomes "survival of the strongest." The movies "Blood Diamond," and "Gangs of NY" show this. Those who have the most force (used in the political motivation of the word) set the rules. - Sure, we're not fighting over mates (usually--but it happens) but look at what we usually fight for: Land and resources, profit. Rarely--wars are fought over ideology. But the scope of the problem is still little different when we rule out the non-intellectual reasons and causes for war such as ideology. The two most devastating wars of humanity were over resources. - Breakdown of human social structure is invariably linked to economic disparity. Economic disparity applies the same to both animal worlds and our own. - I will however, add that book to my growing list, though it'll be longer before I read that one. My last year is filled with some tough computer classes, and I'm in a self-study program with a math professor for some esoteric number theory this summer. I'll read Shapiro over my own holiday.

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